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Jingold kiwifruit turns twenty and dedicate it to lovers

Founded in 2001 on Valentine’s Day, Italian kiwi gold company has given life..


Season's first shipment of Jingold's kiwis arrive in China

This season’s first container of Jingold’s yellow-fleshed kiwifruit from Italy arrived in China..


Record volume puts Jingold on Sound footing

Italian kiwifruit marketer Jingold will bring a record volume of fruit to the market this season as it continues to..

About Jingold

Since 2001, it was granted the world exclusivity for the production and marketing of the yellow-flesh kiwifruit cultivar Jintao.


Learn more about the yellow, green and red kiwifruit varieties of Jingold: Jintao, Jinyan, Donghong, Boerica, Kiwifruit Z5Z6!


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