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Jingold Chile

In Chile Jingold operates through KiwiGold Chile spa that coordinates the work of partner companies by carrying out technical-agronomical and quality control activities.


Founded in 1979, Frusan produces, packages and exports fresh Chilean fruit to the five continents.


Founded in 1991 as a grape exporter, the company has expanded its offer with other quality products: kiwis, oranges, clementines, avocados.

SM Export

It is a young and dynamic family-run business that deals with the production, packaging and export of fresh fruit: pears, apples, cherries, kiwis and wine.


Founded in 1957 as a family-run business, AMS was one of the pioneers of Chilean agriculture.

Jingold Spain


It is a company formed by small Galician and Asturian producers specialised in kiwi cultivation.


The Cooperativa Agropecuaria in Soses, S.C.C.L., founded in 1958 by a group of farmers from Soses, is one of the pioneer cooperatives of the Spanish region. It produces different types of products, among them, stone fruits and pears.

Jingold Portugal

Frutas Douro Ao Minho

Founded in the late 1980s for kiwi cultivation in the Douro and Minho region of northern Portugal, Frutas Douro Ao Minho today has a production capacity of 6,000 tons per year.
The high quality of Del Minho kiwis is internationally recognised.

Jingold Argentina

Patagonian Fruits

Patagonian Fruits Trade (PFT) is Argentina’s leading fruit export company (apples, pears, kiwis and grapes), both in traditional and organic products. PFT is headquartered in General Roca, the heart of the upper Rio Negro Valley (in northern Argentinian Patagonia).

Jingold China

Jingold (Shanghai)
Fruits and Vegetables Trading Co. Ltd

Jingold China has headquarters in Shanghai and was founded in 2018. The goal of the branch is to promote the distribution of Jingold kiwis in Asian markets with special focus on the Chinese market.

Jingold Sud Africa


SAKP is licensee of the Jingold varieties for the territory of South Africa, where kiwi cultivation is currently expanding.

Jingold Greece

Jingold Greece

Jingold Greece is active on the Greek market to assist producers and market the best premium quality Greek kiwifruit under the Jingold brand.