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Data Protection Policy EU Regulation 2016/679 Jingold S.p.A.


This document provides the necessary information regarding the methods, duration and nature of the processing of the personal data acquired while consulting the website . and
This privacy statement is provided exclusively as concerns the online activities of this website and is valid for the website users. It does not apply to other websites consulted by the user via web links.
For users under 16 years old, pursuant to Article 8, par. 1 of EU Regulation 2016/679, consent must be legitimised via the authorisation of the user’s parents or legal guardian.


The Data Subject
Data Subjects whose data is processed by this Company can cover various roles: customer, supplier, a person seeking information, a user visiting the website.

The Data Controller
The Data Controller is the natural or legal person, public authority, service or other body that, individually or in association with others, determines the aims and means of the personal data processing.
The Data Controller of the data provided to this website is Jingold S.p.A. with registered office in Cesena, Via F. Turati, 650 (Italy), VAT Code 04030080404, Telephone: +39 0547 317476 – email:; certified email:

Processing and Personal Data
“Processing” means any operation or group of operations, accomplished with or without the aid of automated processes and applied to personal data or groups of personal data, such as collection, registration, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication through transmission, dissemination or in any other form made available, comparison or interconnection, limitation, erasure or destruction as better specified by Article 4 of EU Regulation 679/2016 that this document refers to.
“Personal data” means any information regarding an identified or identifiable (data subject) natural person; “identifiable natural person” means anyone who can be identified, directly or indirectly, with particular reference to an identifier such as a name, ID number, data regarding location, an online ID, or to one or more characteristic elements of their physical, physiological, genetic, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity as specified in more detail by Article 4 of EU Regulation 679/2016 that this document refers to.

The Data Processor
The Data Processor is the natural or legal person, the public authority, the service or other body that processes data on behalf of the Data Controller.

Pursuant to Article 28 of EU Regulation n. 2016/679, the Data Processor nominated by the Data Controller of this website is Jingold S.p.A.

Place of processing
The data processing generated by using the website takes place at the registered office of the Data Controller and/or by the Data Processors nominated by the Data Controller


Navigation data
The systems used to operate this website acquire personal data during normal use, which is transmitted using Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected so it can be associated with identified data subjects. However, it might allow user identification after being processed and matched with data held by third parties.

The following information may be collected:
– internet protocol address (IP);
– type of browser and parameters of the device used to connect to the website;
– name of the internet service provider (ISP);
– date and time of the visit;
– website page used by the visitor to reach us (referral) and to leave;
– number of clicks, if necessary.

This information is processed automatically and collected only as aggregated data to verify the proper functioning of the website and for security reasons.

For security reasons some data (such as the IP address) may be used, in compliance with the relative laws in effect, to ascertain liability in case of hypothetical IT crimes against the website.

Data voluntarily provided by the user
Data voluntarily provided by the user mainly concerns the following: name, surname, email address, date of birth, physical address, mobile phone number. The option to explicitly or voluntarily send data by email to the address indicated on this website or through the web form on this website, involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary to reply to requests, as well as any other personal data included in the message.

This website uses cookies, short strings of text used to store information about the user, user preferences or the device used to access internet (computer, tablet or mobile phone): cookies are mainly used to adapt how the website functions to meet the user’s expectations, offering a more personalised browsing experience and storing previous preferences.

By using the website, the user expressly agrees to the use of cookies.

This website has no control over third party cookies entirely managed by said third parties.

Disabling cookies
Cookies are linked to the browser used, and therefore can be disabled directly from the browser by refusing or withdrawing consent for their use. Disabling cookies could prevent some functions of the website from being used properly.
Instructions for disabling cookies can be found on the browser web pages: Mozilla Firefox – Microsoft Internet Explorer – Microsoft Edge – Google Chrome – Opera – Apple Safari


The personal data provided, will be processed in compliance with lawfulness requirements set out by Article 6 of EU Regulation 2016/679 for the following purposes:
– navigation on this web site;
– filling in the data collection form when sending an information request to the data controller;
– compliance with contractual, legal and administrative-book keeping requirements.

For the purpose of applying the provisions regarding personal data protection, any data processing for administrative-book keeping purposes concern company activities of an organisational, administrative, financial or book keeping nature.


Regulatory principles
The personal data processing is based on principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and essentiality and will be carried out with the utmost compliance as concerns the limitations of the purposes and minimum storage of the data collected. Navigation within the website, manual hard-copy and IT-electronic processing are organised pursuant to fundamental data protection principles:

  • accountability principle: processing is managed by people entrusted with this responsibility within the organisation;
  • transparency principle: the type of processing that content and electronic data are subjected to, is clear and immediate;
  • relevance of the data collection principle: the personal data is processed lawfully and properly; the data is registered for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes pursuant to the official purposes of the Company; the data is relevant and does not exceed the purpose for which it is collected; the data is only stored for the time necessary for the purpose;
  • purpose limitation, data minimisation and storage limitation principles: the processing and storage period of personal data is limited to the shortest possible time. Personal data is stored only if the purpose of the data processing cannot be reasonably carried out using other means. The personal data is deleted as soon as the reason for its use has expired;
  • purpose principle: the purposes for the personal data processing are indicated in the relevant paragraph. Any new data processing, if different from the stated purposes, shall only be activated pursuant to a new privacy statement being sent to the data subject;
  • verification principle: the personal data is exact and updated with time. The data is also organised and stored so that the data subject can find out what information has been collected and registered, check the quality of the data and request any corrections, integrations, deindexation on search engines or deletion due to illegalities or opposition to the processing and exercise all other rights, pursuant to and within the limits of EU Regulation 2016/679, by sending a request to the following email address:
  • security principles: the personal data is protected by technical, IT, organisational, logistical and procedural measures against risks of destruction or loss (even accidental) including unauthorised access or prohibited processing. These measures are regularly updated pursuant to technical progress, the nature of the data and the specific characteristics of the processing;
    they are constantly controlled and verified with time.

Processing Methods
The data is collected according to two methods: direct manual registration between an employee and/or representative and user; registration via email or the websites and

The data processing may be carried out using hard-copies and/or digital copies, and must always guarantee the utmost privacy, pertinence and non-excessiveness as concerns the purposes outlined above. The Data Controller shall not be held liable for any rules or methods regarding management of the personal data adopted by websites different from the Jingold S.p.A. company website, which can be reached from digital pages through links and referrals.

Pursuant to the methods and within the limits of the regulations in effect, the user may be made aware of the processed data and, where the conditions apply, exercise various rights regarding its use (the right to access, correct, update, integrate, erase, restrict processing, request portability, withdraw consent regarding processing, the right to obtain a copy of their data when the data is stored in countries not included in the European Union, as well as obtain indication of the location where said data is stored or transferred), as well as oppose, for legitimate reasons, to particular processing or any use for commercial purposes, either entirely or in part, including the use of automated methods. Any requests must be made to the Data Controller by sending an email to the address

The data processing may involve transmission of the data abroad, both inside and outside the European Union, with the purpose of encouraging international trade and shall be limited to strictly necessary data. Disclosure of processed data to NON-EU third party countries or international organisations shall only occur when at least one of the following conditions applies: there are regulations obligating companies; it is in the legitimate interests of the Data Controller.

In case of any breach of the data subject’s data, Jingold S.p.A. shall immediately inform the data subject and the competent authorities.

This document may be modified and/or updated at any time. The user must periodically check for any modifications: to make verification more straightforward, the privacy statement indicates the date of the latest update.

In case of large-scale modifications and/or updates, notice will be sent to the user. The use of the website after publication of the modifications shall indicate that the modifications have been accepted.