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Jingold is licensee of several varieties of kiwis protected by rights as plant varieties, with yellow, green and red pulp, and it is strongly oriented towards innovation, a reference point for the international market: the kiwi specialist.

If you decide to plant Jingold kiwis on your land, you will receive timely and competent technical assistance, to produce in the best way possible and with the support of qualified agronomists. Moreover, you can give more value to your work and have numerous advantages:

Agronomic assistance and continuous research

The production of plants and nursery material is overseen at every stage by Jingold’s technical office. Upon entering Jingold, you can share the services of a large structure:

At Jingold, we dedicate a large part of our profits every year to research and experimentation, as well as to the training of collaborators, to always be at the forefront of technology and the market.

Quality of the plants and nursery material

To ensure the safety of the propagation material, Jingold applies a protocol of best practices that range from the protection of the mother crops from which the explants are carried out to the cultivation of the plants in covered nurseries, located in areas free of phytopathologies of the actinidia.

The meristematic laboratories, as well as the nurseries, are authorised Jingold in a controlled form, and only after verification of the requirements of the codes of conduct.

In addition to the legal checks, carried out by the Regional Phytosanitary Services, Jingold technicians carry out a constant monitoring of all the phases of plant production through the supervision of the nursery activities, the execution of inspections and laboratory analysis to verify the absence of diseases.

A brand full of value

Those who add the Jingold sticker, add value.
Kiwis packaged under the Jingold brand are recognised by the consumer, and for this reason, they are a great business opportunity.
Jingold brand kiwis are a guarantee of quality, they are traceable throughout the supply chain, follow strict production standards, are subjected to strict quality controls and comply with a precise Code of Ethics.