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Dear clients, partners and suppliers,

We’d like to reassure you that Jingold Spa is guaranteeing the continuity of its service, as the new Council of Ministers Presidential Decree, providing additional measures for containing and fighting the spread of the Covid-19 virus throughout the country, does not limit production activities or forbid the delivery of produce.

Rather, the Decree aims to limit the unnecessary travel of people; as specified in an explanatory note, “introduced limitations do not forbid travel for proven work reasons and the free circulation of goods remains.”

This is why there will be no stoppages to production activities, the supply of products and the circulation of goods. Travel to and from your place of work is also permitted by means of self-certification.

We are adopting all necessary measures to manage this emergency, guarantee the health of our staff and clients as well as the continuity of our services.

Our offices will be open as usual, with more extensive health and safety protocols in place for our workers, who will be required to alternate office attendance with smartworking from home. Until 3rd April Jingold will hold video conference meetings only (including staff ones); therefore, all visits to clients and events have been postponed until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the evolution of this crisis and will keep you up to date on any future developments.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding; for now, the only thing we can advise is that we all #eatlotsoffruit and #eatlotsofvitamins

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