Alzheimer Marathon 2018

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Jingold supports the initiative that will take place in Cesena on 16th September 2018

Jingold is a partner of the sports event conceived by Associazione Amici di Casa Insieme. This initiative is one of the major events of the Good Living Week, a national festival focused on sustainable wellbeing, which is organized every year thanks to the support of several local businesses wishing to tell their own idea of fine living.
The event pursues several goals: creating a widely attended sports event at local level; offering to the community an important opportunity to learn about Alzheimer’s disease; carrying out new actions to counteract dementia-related issues and support those who are directly experiencing them, leading to the setting up of a permanent Alzheimer fund in the near future; carrying on the projects of Associazione Amici di Casa Insieme, such as the Wellbeing Workshops (organized thanks to the funds raised during the event), the leisure and social integration initiatives of “Caffè Dolcini”, the artistic activities performed within the “Art therapy workshops”, cooking together and enjoying fine eating thanks to “Convivium” and several initiatives launched for volunteers’ training. Moreover, every year Alzheimer Marathon supports an online charity project that allows it to broaden its horizons and go beyond the local borders in collaboration with Alzheimer Emilia Romagna and other bodies.

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