Season's first shipment of Jingold's kiwis arrive in China

This season’s first container of Jingold’s yellow-fleshed kiwifruit from Italy arrived in China..


Record volume puts Jingold on Sound footing

Italian kiwifruit marketer Jingold will bring a record volume of fruit to the market this season as it continues to..

01-ROSSO closeup polpa

Red Kiwis on the shelves in ten day's time

A 30% increase in volumes is expected for Jingold. The Italian 2020/21 campaign will see an increase in production with a total of..

About Jingold

Since 2001, it was granted the world exclusivity for the production and marketing of the yellow-flesh kiwifruit cultivar Jintao.


Learn more about the yellow, green and red kiwifruit varieties of Jingold: Jintao, Jinyan, Donghong, Boerica, Kiwifruit Z5Z6!


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