Supply chain and Quality

The supply chain

Jingold kiwifruit is traceable all along the supply chain, from the field to the shop.
This allows consumers to know everything about the fruit they are eating, such as who is the grower and who packaged it.

In order to offer an absolute guarantee of quality and food safety, Jingold applies specific product regulations on the whole supply chain.
This is how we oversee each production stage with competence.


In the beginning there are always two questions: What should I plant and where should I plant it?

Our agronomists select the best land, with favourable climate conditions and ideal soil composition.

Here, fruit trees selected using low environmental impact techniques are planted.

Ripening and harvest

Kiwifruit ripens more or less rapidly depending on climate and soil. The optimum harvest time varies from orchard to orchard and it is established by experts according to pre-set indicators, in order to obtain the best taste and a suitable shelf life.


Fruit is stored while maintaining cold chain conditions to preserve its taste and keep it ready for delivery.


Products are packaged in recyclable packs suitable for the food industry.
The sticker guarantees the kiwifruit quality and allows to identify all production phases.


The point of sale

Controls are performed until kiwifruit gets to the point of sale. In this way there are no doubts: what you are going to buy is 100% good and safe kiwifruit.

Quality certifications

If kiwifruit bears the Jingold sticker, everything is under control. This means that fruit complies with the high and constant quality standards laid down by the Consortium.
KiwiGold products were also granted several product and process certifications by recognized international bodies.

  • GlobalGAP certification for farms: GlobalGAP is an international organization that sets out standards for farms. This certification guarantees that farms strive to minimize their environmental impact, make a low use of chemical substances, and protect people’s health.
  • BRC Global Standard – Food and IFS Food standard certification for plants. These are the European standards for producers and retailers in this sector, and guarantee trustworthiness, reliability, competence.
  • IFS Broker certification for the sales department: the International Featured Standards guarantee the quality of brokers and importers along the supply chain. Several factors are taken into account: suppliers’ control, resource management, service quality and products.