Why investing in Jingold

Are you a farmer?

Become a Jingold producer!

Jingold owns several plant-protected kiwis varieties, including the famous Jintao Yellow flesh variety, and is strongly geared towards innovation, becoming a reference point for the international market: the kiwi specialist.

If you decide to plant the Jingold varieties in your orchard, you’ll get a timely and qualified assistance to optimize production satisfying the Jingold’s product requirements. Moreover, you’ll be able to increase the profitability of your business and you’ll get several advantages:

  • an exclusive and innovative product
  • new market opportunities
  • certain and constant profitability of the installations
  • one single brand and one single sales organization
  • an integrated supply chain organization with a worldwide business strategy

Agronomic assistance

Jingold’s agronomists oversee the production of plants and nursery material at every stage.
Join Jingold and share the services of a large organization:

  • qualified technical assistance
  • stringent nursery quality controls
  • coordination of the nursery activity
  • a protection and defense system for the variety
  • overall planning of the installations depending on the demand

Quality of the plants and of the nursery material

In order to guarantee the healthiness of the propagation material, Jingold has implemented a protocol of good practices ranging from the protection of mother plants grown for grafting until the breeding of plants in covered nurseries, located in Actinidia disease free areas.

Meristematic laboratories, as well as nurseries, are authorized by the Jingold’s agronomists in a controlled way and only after checking the requirements laid down in the Codes of Conduct.

In addition to legal controls by the Regional Plant Protection Services, Jingold also performs an ongoing monitoring of all production phases of plants by overseeing nursery activities and carrying out inspections and lab analysis to ensure the lack of diseases.

A full-of-value brand

Those who add the Jingold sticker, add value.

Jingold-labelled kiwis are recognized by consumers: that is why they are a great business opportunity.

The Jingold-branded kiwis have a guaranteed quality, are traceable along the supply chain, comply with strict production standards and follow a ethical code.

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