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Yellow-flesh kiwifruit

A unique and unmistakable fruit.

It is a unique and unmistakable fruit, whose international patent rights are exclusively held by Jingold.
It stems from a long natural selection programme, carried out by international Botanics Institutes in collaboration with the University of Udine.

The yellow kiwifruit is sweet, it has got an amazingly high content of fibers and Vitamin C, it is firm and juicy, with an extremely fresh taste that also children like.
It is nice to look at, thanks to its sun-like colour, and keeps perfectly in the fridge.

For all these reasons, it has become very popular, getting the growing appreciation of consumers in several countries all over the world.

Green-flesh kiwifruit

It is much more than fruit.

It is a symbol of wellbeing, energy, and good food habits. The green kiwifruit is consumed by an increasing number of people because it is good and healthy.

Rich in Vitamin C and fibres, it is recommended by doctors and dieticians, and it always appears in low-calorie diets.
It is especially chosen by women as an ideal product because it is good both for their body and palate.

Jingold selects the best green kiwis in both hemispheres, harvesting them at the right ripening stage to guarantee quality.

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Are you a producer?

Discover the safe quality.

Food and land are closely linked.
If we treat our planet respectfully, its fruit will grow better.

Jingold believes in sustainable farming, with a low environmental impact, which does not destroy natural resources.
That is why it favours renewable energy sources, tries to avoid any waste, adopts protocols to reduce pollution and improves installation efficiency.

Kiwifruit traceability

All Jingold kiwifruit is traceable along the production chain.
Their label allows to find out the field of origin, the grower and the place where kiwis have been stored and packaged, in a totally transparent way.

This guarantees you that the kiwis you are growing are really safe.

The virtuous Jingold supply chain

Jingold products are exclusively grown in the fields of our members or partner farms.

our agronomists follow and support directly the grower, during each production phase, using stringent quality protocols.


The quality of Jingold products and work is also recognized by leading international control bodies.
We have been granted the following certifications:

  • GlobalGAP for farms
  • BRC Global Standard – Food for installations
  • IFS Broker for the sales department