La Buona Frutta

la-buona-frutta-2Business is a family matter

A history of land and passion.


Daniele Petteni lives in Edolo in the upper Valcamonica where, together with his brothers, sells Val di Non apples ever since 1946. Upon a specific request of his customers asking for summer products, in 1960 he and his family decide to move to Voltana, in Romagna, where peaches are mainly grown.
Carlo Bassi, who lives in Casalfiumanese with his family, is an agent exporting strawberries on behalf of an Agricultural Consortium.

In 1961 he decides to become self-employed and starts processing the products of his own area. The Santerno Valley is rich in strawberries, peaches and apricots, which are his true passion.
Daniele and Carlo are doing the same job although they do not know each other. Adriano, Daniele’s son and Jader, Carlo’s son, meet by chance at school in Bologna. Adriano has got a much younger brother and Jader has got a sister who goes to the same college.
In 1971 Adriano and Ornella get married. Unfortunately, shortly after dad Daniele dies and Adriano takes over his father’s business.
Also Jader joins the company with his father.

All of them are willing to grow, without competing with each other. And since “union gives strength”, they decide to set up a company together. Therefore, in 1975 “Petteni & Bassi snc” is established.
Once left school, Carlo joins the company, followed by Ornella later on.
With a lot of willpower and pride, the members of this family are carrying on their parents’ job.

In order to meet the needs of the producers who have supported them for many years, in 2001 “Petteni & Bassi” becomes “La Buona Frutta SpA Consortile Società Agricola”.
“La Buona Frutta” runs two plants in Casalfiumanese (BO) and Voltana (RA). The warehouse in Casalfiumanese has been upgraded and equipped to process apricots, while the one in Voltana has specialized in processing pears and yellow kiwifruit. Peaches, nectarines, plums and green kiwifruit are processed in both of them.
“La Buona Frutta” is BRC, Tesco Nurture and Globalgap certified.