A leader with deep roots in the land.agrintesa-2

A large cooperative company with an international standing.


It plays a leading role in Italy in the fruit, vegetable and wine sector, with more than 440,000 tons of products delivered every year by members and an overall turnover of 250 million euros. The cooperative company gathers 6,400 member farms, working on 20,000 hectares of highly suitable land using the most advanced and innovative technologies.

Agrintesa carries on the great Emilia-Romagna farming tradition giving it an international perspective: more than 50% of production is exported to 55 countries.
The work of each single producer is enhanced thanks to the strength of an integrated system that offers:

  • high production capacity with cost optimization – specialized processing facilities,
  • packaging,
  • storage; integrated logistics; efficient, comprehensive and flexible commercial service; constant investment in research & development. Thanks to the strength of a large cooperative group, Agrintesa takes up the glorious past of Emilia-Romagna agriculture leading it towards a certain future.