A successful story

Our story begins in 2001 when a few of Italian companies, playing a leading role in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, obtained the world exclusivity for the production and marketing of Jintao, the yellow-flesh kiwifruit variety and established the Kiwigold consortium.
In order to boost the development process of farms, in 2012 the Consortium’s shareholders created Jingold s.p.a., a business unit dealing with product promotion and marketing. Acting as a direct line between the growers and the market, the business unit aims at enhancing the marketed fruit, increasing the brand awareness and meeting consumers and customers’ expectations in terms of taste, quality, value and healthiness of the supplied products.

In this way Jingold covers the entire supply chain with an integrated know-how and a complete control on quality. Our group gathers producers, packaging businesses and retailers. This means that it can rely on both graft experts and market specialists.
After the achievements obtained with the yellow kiwifruit, the supply has been now extended to the green kiwifruit, broadening the production base and getting to include 300 farms in different countries all over the world, such as Chile.

Today Jingold is the kiwifruit specialist, a point of reference for business operators seeking quality and reliability.


Jingold orchards can only be found in the best soils.
Our agronomists select the most suitable areas, in Italy and abroad, where this delicious fruit can grow.

Production takes place in both hemispheres, guaranteeing a constant supply to the market all year round.
This approach allowed us to become trustworthy partners of the major large distribution organizations in the world, that can receive a continuous, reliable and high-quality supply by Jingold.


Farming is not only a job for the elderly. The producers who founded Jingold are much younger than the national average of the sector.

They are young and forward-looking people who conceive farming as a modern and added value business.
They invest in innovation, both in terms of technology and varieties.

The Jingold’s structure provides everybody with a high level technical support, qualified agronomists and cutting-edge technology. Experience and dynamism. Together, we’ve created a very strong team and a beautiful story.