Kiwifruit all over the year

Are you an operator?

Here is what we do for you.

Jingold is the kiwifruit specialist.

Jingold gathers and protects producers and consumers, checks the supply chain effectiveness, as well as kiwifruit production and harvest. It can also act as a reliable and complete partner, helping growers to promote and position the brand on the market.

Kiwifruit all over the year

Jingold operates in both hemispheres, that is why it can ensure a continuous production all year round:

  • Northern hemisphere: from November to April
  • Southern hemisphere: from May to October

The non-stop production of plants ensures a constant supply to the points of sale, managing to increase customers’ loyalty and offering products that are always fresh.


Jingold also supports operators in promoting their sales:

  • Point of Purchase material (totems, suspended rotating displays, stoppers)
  • in-store promotion
  • communication campaigns

Since products are well-known by consumers, they are a great business opportunity.


Jingold kiwifruit is delivered to the point of sale in colourful packs with a great visual impact. The different sizes available meet the requirements of distributors and consumers.

  • Packaged product: a well-defined weight pack, ready to be placed in the trolley.
  • Bulk packaging: a box with a crowner-type cover.
  • Bulk: a pack in which all kiwis bear the sticker, suitable for high consumption customers.